Friday, 1 June 2012


समाजातल्या दांभिकतेवर स्वतःच्या शैलीत कोरडे ओढणारी कुसुमाग्रजांची " छंदोमयी" ह्या काव्यसंग्रहातील

 ही " पर्वणी " नावाची कविता.

Today' calligraphic tribute to Kusumagraj's poem "Parvanee"  from his collection Chandomayee 

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  1. Knowing all this thousand of people are after the so called sadhus, swamis,matajis, mahanta, pir wheather dead or alive. Our govt still does not allow the passage of " Andha Shradha Nirmulan Bill"
    The loot of masses continues