Tuesday, 24 July 2012


अजुनी रुसून आहे , आज अचानक गाठ पडे ,वाटेवर काटे वेचीत चाललो अशा सुंदर गाण्यांनी परिचित असलेल्या कवी अनिल ( आत्माराम रावजी देशपांडे ) ह्यांची " श्रावणझड " ही कविता.१९७६ साली " दशपदी " ह्या काव्यसंग्रहाला साहित्य अकादमीचा पुरस्कार लाभलेला आहे. पेर्ते व्हा , फुलवात , सांगाती हे काव्यसंग्रह प्रसिद्ध आहेत.

Today's calligraphic tribute to poet Anil ( Atmaram Rawaji Deshpande) for his beautiful poem Shravanzad .

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  1. I go through the most of the posts of this blog... I have to confess that you have to improve your calligraphy skills because it is very poor... and the blog is about Calligraphy not the collection of Marathi Literature... ok... you have to mean that.. the beautiful calligraphy never needs the visuals in pictures which you have tried in most of the post... It's better to leave the phenomenon of self applause... the real calligraphy skills are miles away from you... kindly study the weight of every letter... the form the beauty and understand it well then try it... you are posting every day but there is no progress in your efforts... Study the work by great calligraphers like RK Joshi, Achut Palaw, Babu Udpi... also study the foreigner calligrapher... Hope you not taking me wrong bcause I Love the language most in which you are work as a calligrapher... at the end I mention a Quote By eminent calliGuru RK Joshi " Ek akshar Kadhave- Kh Tap Thambave!" draw a single letter ( try to understand it's form, Beauty, force..) wait till 12 years to draw another letter...
    Good Wishes
    Suraj Savardekar